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Trekking - Chilean Altiplano


The Atacama Desert, the driest in the world, slopes gradually up to the high altitude windswept plateau at over 4,000 m named Altiplano (Puna) and culminates in a volcanic mountain range of over 6,000 m. From its summits you will behold the desolate landscape, the numerous "salares" (salt lagoons), the flamingo lakes and the peaks of salt.

The climbs are, as a rule, technically easy, but due to the high altitude they require a very good physical condition. With a few exceptions, the remote points where the tours start from, require private transport to be reached. The Chilean summer season –from December to February– is not very advisable for these tours, because of the heavy rains in the Atacamean Andes at this time of year.


El Caminante

Campamento base
Climbing Miscanti volcano