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Central Chile

Sometimes we just do not appreciate what is right on our doorstep. Some tour guides completely ignore the central zone, even though the Andes around Santiago offer first-class excursions to peaks as high as 6,500 m (21,600 ft.)! The scant organization required, short distances, and optimal climate are the main advantages of this region, but the most attractive feature is the beauty of its landscape. Further south, around the city of Talca, lies the hardly-known transition zone extending from the dry north to the cool, temperate rain forests. We believe that this empty spot on the hiking guide maps is the best area for trekking and horseback riding in the entire country. It offers a large range of different tours, active volcanoes, dense forests, enormous glaciers and hot springs in the little known, sparsely populated Andean mountains just waiting to be explored by trekkers.


El Caminante

Desierto de cenizas
Struggling through the penitents
at San José