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Trekking - Chilean Patagonia

Pacific Islands

A long way from the Chilean coastline there are two lonely islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean: Robinson Crusoe and Easter Island.

The Robinson Crusoe Island belongs to the Juan Fernandez archipel and lies 670 km off-shore. The island of 48 square kilometers is partially covered by subtropical flora and owes its name and fame to the Scottish sailor Alexander Selkirk who - after having argued with the captain of his buccaneer ship - was abandoned on this uninhabited island in 1704. He lived there all alone for four years and four months before he was taken home by another British ship. His story inspired Daniel Defoe to write his world-famous novel "Robinson Crusoe".

Nowadays, Juan Fernández is reached by small aircrafts and has some quite exciting hikes to offer.


El Caminante

Coastline on Robinson Crusoe

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