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The wild, almost unhabited region at the southern cone of South America is called -on both sides of the Andean chain- Patagonia. In Argentina, this term embraces everything south of Río Colorado. However in Chile, Patagonia is understood to mean “only” the region south of the city of Puerto Montt.

The “Carretera Austral” road leads from Puerto Montt 1200 km long through the most wonderful wilderness to lake General Carrera and further south to the edge of the Patagonian Icefields. Along this main road there are numerous national parks and first-class trekking areas. Unfortunately, public transport hardly ever reaches them. Furthermore, these areas have only a short hiking season (December to February) because of the harsh climate.

Further south, you will find a top trekking destination: Torres del Paine is the most visited Chilean national park –you’ll notice why. If you want to avoid the thousands of other hikers who frequent the park in summer, come down here in autumn (March to May) and enjoy not only the stunning colours of foliage, but also less crowded trails.


El Caminante

At the feet of Torres del Paine